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# "mainstay partners" Ïåäàëè ñìîòàíè **** i love danica **** - .com 1990s 1996 2001 7 up 7-up 70-80 888 90´s future :c net ? ?!? ?? ??? ???? ???? brokerage firm ????? absolut acquired adds ads advertisements advertising advertisment adverts advice advice on electronics advise adware agnese agorea alli alrighty also-ran always use before buying electronics amateur americana amerika amex an internet provider anachronism annoying annoying slash another company antivirus apple articles assclowns asus authoritative authority awesome awkward awsome bad bad color scheme bad labor practice bad reviews bad stock, cool reviews ball bandwith test bank be online beatles beginning of it news behind better bhb bias biased biased journalism at its finest biased reviews big blah blah! bland blip blobby blog blogs blood drop bmw bold boo boobs books borin boring boring already bought boundary brazil. kiss my ass brian tong bribes bright broadband broke bronzeville bubble bug bukakke bullshit business business news button buy out buzz out loud c c-awful cabel tv cabinet cable cable news cable service cable station cable tv cadet canada cards carrabbs cbs cbs? wtf??? cell phone cellphones cence cent center for naval education and training central cents cereal chaine télé chance saint marche channel chat cheap cheesecake chet chip chock choose chowhound cibernet circle citizens bank cjnet clarinet claro clearnet clent clic click client clint clip clique clnet close to useless closed door clown clueless cluttered cnbc cnet.com cnn coca cola coffee cola comedy commercial common communication comnputer compare brands comparison-shopping complicated comps comptuers computer computer geeks computer info computer information site computer mag computer magazine computer network computer news computer operator computer review computer reviews computer rewiews computer site computer something computer stuff computer technology computer website computers computers? computersa computing concise conection confused confused company confusing connect connected connectivity consumer consumer driven technology info consumer electronics consumer electronics ratings consumer reports consumetr content cooking network cool cool and hip corp corporate correct corruption country cpu crap crappy crappy layour crappy reviews crowd culinery network cunt cunt net current cute cyber cyber net daberko dagnis skurbe data dated dead decent declan mccullagh defunct dell dependable dependable information detached digital digital cameras digital news dinosaur dipshit halsey disease disfunctional dishwasher disney divan divide dl dnet do they still exist? don´t know done donloads dont know dont know what it is dont know who you are dork dorks dot dot com dot-com dotcom douche download download sharing download.com download.com good downloadd downloading downloads downloads.com dry dull dumb dumb internet dunno durp dvd dying brand d|net e-news ebay educational eh? el pais electrabel electricity electronic news electronic products evaluation electronic reviews electronics electronics research elitists eloquent nerds email er errr espn essential evil excellent expensive experian expert experts eye fail failing fair fake false advertising fast fat fiance fin24 finance find first gen fishing fixed gear fluff fluffy fodjug food forbes fox news fraud free free downloads free software! freeware fresh frienf fuck fuck you fuddruckers hamburgers fudgepacker funny gadget gadgets game gamefaqs games gamespot gas gay gay geek geek geek central geek chic geek news geek review geekery geeks geeky generic gerstmann gertsmann ghetto gimmicky global gm go to site go-to for technology good good advice good information good reporting good research good reviews goodbye great great advice great magazine site great reviews green gucci had its day haemorrhoid halsey happy hardware has been hasbeen have no clue heh help helpful hi hi-tech high tech hip history homepage hoping thats a tv channel huh huh? hungary i do now i dont know this brand i miss the 90s. i.t. ibm ict idea idea thief idem idiot idiot halsey idiots idk imac important index.hr indo inet info info warehouse informaiton informatic informatica information informational informative informed infotainment innovative insider inter interactive interent interesting interesting news on web stuff interface interneet internent internet internet internet facility internet i dont know internet news internet provider internet research internet service internet shopping internet speed test internets internwebs interrupt interweb intrnet ip news iphone irrelevant it it magazine it news it online italy james kim janis japan jeep wrangler jerks jews jobs journalism junk kaesie kane and lynch kiwanis kk kmart knowledgable knowledgeable krippes labyrinthine lame lames late latest information lego lessons liberal liela lobster fishing logo lost lost its way love low awareness low standards luvv it m magazine mail order maito male malware mape marca de electrodomestico mars media medicine mediocre mediocrity megacorp meh men mercedes microsoft mike milk mobile mobiles modern modern art molly wood moment money mongrel motherly movie movies nada nazi penis nerd nerd news nerds nerds news nerds put to use nerdy ners nes net network networking networks neutral never new media news news and downloads news and reviews news filtered by sponsors news or reviews for ... something news service news.com news? newspaper nice computers nike nineties nintendo nivea nnp.sk no no idea no clue no idea no ider no iead noidea nokia none not a clue not sure nothing nothing of value now npothing nws.com obamamania obscure obselete? office oh dear ok old old fashioned old internet old logo old media old news old school old stuff old web news brand oldschool olf online online magazine online media online news onlinemedia oops oregon outdated overhyped p&g paid reviews passe pause pc pc resource pc website pcs people who think they know that they are taking about perception deception period pet peter spande phone phones phrase phuh pill pimp pimple pineapple pirate plain planet plasma plum software solutions pnet pointless pointless use of pipe poor quality poor reviews pop-ups porn news portal portugal practical preppy press pretentious problem proctor and gamble product comparison product reviews programs publisher publishing puta puters qatar quality advice quattro quick radio rainbows raise the roof ratiings ratings read read internet reassuringly geeky recommendations red red dot redtag refresh relevant reliable reliable reporting reports research resident resource respectable reveiws review reviews reviiews revkiew rice5 rich ripoff rood round round red dot rss rubbish s safe safety said sale samsung san francisco sci-fi channel sdsdi search search engine security see see nother seen it seenit sell out sell outs sellout semi-trustworthy semifunny serios serious servers sex sex shop shaking hands shallow sharp shine shit shit net shitty shitty writing shop shopping silicon valley simple site slash slow small smart smart geeks smart, collective snet snobs snore software software reseller software review sold sold out soledad solid sort of handy sort of know but dont source spam speedo spices sport spot spyware sri lanka stale starbucks coffee steel stop stop! straigh straightforward stuff stuffy stupid subaru sucks sun superficial switch tabasco tabloid talk target tech tech tech ads tech company tech guide tech heaven tech info tech information tech news tech news & reviews tech resource tech review tech reviews tech savvy tech site tech stuff tech tv tech vendor? techbabble techie techies techinfo technews technical technical knowledge technical reviews technique techno technology technology 411 technology information technology news technology review technology site techology techy tecnology telco telecommunications telephone telephone provider telephony television tennis tentacular the enemy they still exist? thoughtless tired tom too much info too much information top 5 total toys traffic traffic light trashbags troll trust trusted trustworthy trustworthy reviews turn off tv tv channel twister twits ugh ugly uh... um? unbekannt unbiased unbiased tech news uncool undercover underground techie unfamiliar unfocused uninformed uninteresting news unkbown unknown unkown unkwon unrecognized unreliable unsure uptodate us media used to be cool used to be good, overun with payoffs used to be interesting useful usefull useless useless va vaporware veronica mars video reviews videoreview videos virgin virgins virus virus software viruses visa visual voss wall wannabe warm waste of time web web 0.5 web 1.0 web 3.0 web news web portal web site web site for news webpage websellence webshots website website for electronics website ok whasat? what what ? what are you? what is cnet again? what is it what is it? what is this? what the what the fuck what? what?? whatever where c is on the outside the net who who cares who cares? who? whores why wifi windows wired word words worthless wrong wtf ww yank yawn yea yellow yesterday ynet yo zdnet ziff ziff davies ziff davis