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Ãîâíî (n) 1 1980 1980s 1980s soccer 1989 1990 1990s 1991 1991 soccer team 1993 1995 2nd division 2nd rate 4th grade 6th grade 70s 7th grade 80´s 80s 80s shorts 8th grade 90s 94 world cup ;lkjds ;lsdkfj ? ?? ??? ???? a a dogcow book a racket a ship carpet abortion abstract accor services acer active addidas adidas adobe african agricultural machinery airlines ajax alan shearer albania althletic amateur football ancien andrew shue anger angry annoying antigo aol apartmentzerograz apple archaic are they still in business? argentina armpit army asd assholes athetic apparel athlete athletes athletic athletic shorts athletics authentic authentic for soccer authentic soccer b babies baby backpack backpacks badminton baffling bag baggy ball ballhuggers balls bank banking bascilica baseball baseball diamond bat syle bbb bbyo be football bear ski sport beauf beckham beehive beer behairy bene benetton best bicycle helmet bike biking birth bitch black bland blank blue blue diamond boloss boner book boots boredom boring botafogo bots boxershorts boy boys brand brasil brazil brazil futbol brazilian - world cup 1994 brazilian soccer breathable jersey brit britain british british airways bro brot brother brothers budweiser builders bullshit bumbro bundesliga burberry calcio calvin klein camp cap car car parts cardinals carlsberg carmax carnige carpet cars cat catchy logo, no idea what they sell chaf chav chav central chavs chavtastic cheap cheap and tacky nylon cheap rigidity cheap sportswear checker cheesy chelsea scum chemic chemical chicken childish chuteira city classic classic clean clean and clear cleats clicky cloath clothes clothes sport clothing cloths clueless coat coca coca cola coke cold college mortorboard colo colo color comfy competition complex computador confusiong control cool cordoba corner corona corporate covering crap crappu criminal cruijff crystal ctroën danish dark dated dead dead? deco deep defunct derek design detergent devil diagonal diamon diamond diamond shaped butt diamonds diamonds are blue dikes dimond dinamo dirty dirty italians disgustipated distracting dizzy does it still exist? donno dont know doomed dor double lozenge douchebags drama queens dress drink droptest drunk duh what? dum bro dumbo dumbro dunno duro early 1990s ebonics echo eh eh? eighties eintracht frankfurt elementary school ella, ella, ella embrella embryo embyro emirates airlines energetic energy engaarland engerland engineer england england football england football team england rubbish english english football english soccer brand enguland enron eric cantona erotic esporte esportes euro euro soccer euro trash euro-soccer euro-trash eurofootball europe european eurosports eurotrash eurpoe everyone evil ew expensive expensive jerseys expensive soccer shorts extinct eye f fags failure fart fashion fast fat fat chicks ferrari fetus feyenoord finance fitness clothing fits flamengo floors focused food network foot footbal football football football boots football cheap football de merde football gear football jersey football kit football shoe football shoes football shorts football specialist football training footballl footballs footbol footie footy foreign fotbal fotball fratboy freedom freeze french fsc fuck you fun funspot fussball futball futbol futebol futsal future games? gas gay geico geometric german germany getmore gfoh ghost gino girls gloves goal goal posts goal! goal!!!!!!! goalie goalkeeper going down gol gola gold goo good quality gooool gooooooaaaaaaal gooooooooooal got a spleef? graduation graduation, shadow, sport graham grand ole opry grass great gear greek green gret guess gym class gym shorts haha halls handball hard hardware has-been hasebeen hat hate hats head headphones heavy hell ya frank hello high high end high school high school gym class high school soccer high school years highschool highschool soccer games hiking hip hipnotize hippies history hmmmm hockey hole hombre homo homosexual honda hooligan hooligans hools hot hot boys hot chicks hot girls hot guys hot italian soccer players hot legs! housewares hp huh huh bro? huh? hui hum humbro? hummell hunh hush hypnotic i dunno iain dowie idk ikea india indoor soccer indoor soccer boots indoor sports industry inexplicable insurance international is italia italia! italian italian dickheads italian soccer italian soccer guys italian sports italian sportw italy italyan jagged jeff jerk jerks jersey jesus jjb jock jock strap jocks jogging jogging suits jr high juice personal training jumbo jumbro junior high junior school just football katty key kfc kick me kid kids kim kim jones kit kitchen utenils kitchen ware klær knackers kola kunda lack of diversity lame latin lawnmowers leeds ut lesbians limão rosa liverpool living logo long time no see! loose shorts losange losers lowes lozenge lsd luca toni luggage lunch mac machinary machine machines madrid mafia man manchasterunited manchester manchester united manly mario masculine matches math matthew cook medical medusa italia men mens something metafilter mexican mexican gas station mexican man mexican men mexicans mexico michael owen microsoft middle school middle school shorts middle-school military mining company mirror mobil money monster moo more morte motor scooter mouth mucho my junior high my past mystery nada naff nazi penis nbc nbc news nearly ned nespresso netflix never heard never heard of it nexx niche nike nineties nissan cube nnp.sk no no bro no clue no fucking clue no idea nokia nondescript nope nordsee normal not familiar not much not sure not usa nothing nothng nuts nylon obscure oil ok old old as the pyramids old clothes old fashioned old hat old news old school old shool old shorts old skool old soccer old time old-school older soccer company oldschool oldskool oldstyle logo ols school olympos ombro omnibro optical illusion origins ouch out of date out of style outdated over overpriced overrated owen owns soccer panasonic pants paper? paraplu passe past it pattern pbs pe pele penalty penis pens percy perform picture picture frames pikey pikey english football brand pikeys piscodelia pizza plastic plastic pants plastics play play football playboy playground playing the proper game point pointless pointy poison polyester pool poor poor quality porsche power precise preppy pretending to speak portugese price pricey procter professor umbridge prudential pussy quality quite a boring brand quonsar racaille rain rainbow ralada rangers re-birth real rectangles red neck redneck reliable resident evil retro richo ridiculous rigid rimex robum rogers roma romb ropa ropa deportiva roulette roxy rubbish rubish rugby run run away running ryan saai sad salubrious samsung sandals sap schalke school bags school football schule scoccer scoccer scottish scottish soccer scrooer sdfd seciali sex sexist sexy shade shadow shadw sharp shearer sheep branding shiny shorts shirt shirts shit shitty shoes shoe shoes shorrts short short shorts shorts shorts shorts for athletes shorts, teenagers, soccer shoulder sick soccer shorts siemens silly shorts simple disign skate skiing skinny dudes skip slang for hey brotha sleek slick slick shorts smelly smile sneakers snickers soap socca soccar socce soccer soccer soccer balls soccer boots and kit soccer boys soccer brand soccer calcio soccer cleats soccer clothes soccer cool soccer gear soccer hair soccer idiots soccer in the 80s soccer jersey soccer kit soccer mullet soccer on saturdays soccer player soccer players soccer shoes soccer shorts soccer shorts 1995 soccer shorts from 1991 soccer shorts from the 90s soccer shorts mmmmmm soccer shortsa soccer stud wear soccer sucks soccer t-shirt soccer uniform soccer! soccer, authentic soccer-who cares? soccer? soccere soccerequipment soccerl shoes soccers soccershirts soccor socder socer socks solid sombrero something somo sooccer soocer south america south american futbol spain spam spanish specialized speedos sponsor sport sport chic sport cloth sport forever sport goods sport shirts sport shoes sporting clothing sporting goods sports sports attire sports brand sports brand soccer sponsor sports clothes sports clothing sports clothing sports clothong sports gear sports ware sports wear sports wear uniforms sports! sports... yuk sportsman sportsware sportswear sporty sqaure square squared starachowice stationery? steel stinky soccer socks stlylish street stretch strong studs football stupid sturdy stylish suburb succer suck sucks sunglasses surf surfing survetements sushi sweat sweat stains sweatshops sweaty sweaty girl soccer players sweden swedish sweet indulgence swim swimming swimsuit swishy shorts symbol s[port tênis t-shirt t-shirts tacky taco target tech technic technical technology teenagers telekom tenis tennis tension tent terminator tetra the 90s the world of soccer there thermonuclear they still make this? thick headed things three minutes in microsoft paint thug thugs clothing tight tighty whities time travel time warp tired brand tires too short totally 90s tottenham hotspur tough towney track suit track suits trackies tracksuit tracksuits traditional trainers traininers trendy triagngle triangles trippy trite truck truck suit trunks trustworthy tunnel tyres u are an umbro ucc uefa ugly ugly logo uk uk football um um bro um, huh? um, what? umbra umbrage umbrella umbrella corp umbrellas umbridge umbro schmumbro wtf? umbro what? umbroglia umm, still what? umokay unbrella under underware underwear undies uniforms unilever unknown unkown unsure unusual uptight urban uvula vague vandenborre vattenfall vetement sportif italien vibrate victorias secret volleyball vulgar walmart brand wat water waxies wear weird plastic stuff weird soccer brand west brom wetsuit wft? wh00t what what the hell is an umbro? what? white people who who cares who the hell is this? who? window wog wogs woha world cup wtf wtf do i get umbro all the goddamn time wtf? wth xtm performance yawn yci yob youth yuk yum bro yuppie zuh? zumbro