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401k 888.com ? abalone adp airlines alfa animated ads animation apple atripla bad experience bailout banana republic bank banking beer bicycle bland blandness bmibaby bmw boaring boobs boring borning brandtags is crap breakfast cereal box brown liquid business canada capital capital finance capitalist car company careful carrier caveman charlatan cheap cheats cheesy clinical cokie pit stop commercial commercials complicated confusion conservative corporate crack credit crooks crooks liars delivery des moines, ia detention df director disney dominant dont know dull dulllllll dunno edge eh eighties ere eww f faggots failure fender finace finance finance stuff finances financial financial disaster financial group financial services financials financing finces formal frajer fraud fuckers fun future gangstars kill them all grandpa great greedy half and half hawaiian springs headache hedge funds helvetica honda hope hostess hp huh hydro solutions idk imbalanced inconnu instability insurance insurance/finance insurnace intereses internet investing investment investment investments investmnet ira irs jewellery keeping your money together klm l and m peter lame commercials lawyers liars life insurance loans macabi mad math medicine mediocre meh microsoft milk-toast mone money money guys money management money managers mortgage mr gray mutual fund my insurance! nada never heard news nike no idea nokia not trustworthy nothin nothing old paper pass pen pencil pepsi place planning pnb poor planning positron princor prinicpal professional progressive puma ramp rapists red bull reliable retirement rich rigid rikki j rock rosebud s samsung sanitarium scam scary school school insurance screwed seguros serious serious? shady sharp shownews simple skyfire smirnoff snoopy snooze solid spirit sprite staid stocks stodgy strength strong stuffy suck suits suspicious take money tanked taxes tent terrible cartoons the financial planning for the middle class the first the main one theives thief thieves triangle trouble trust trusted trustworthy tv tylenol ugly uncertain unknown vague vans vrver wealth management what whats this? white people who who? wtf?