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hand calculator engineers $8 dollar watch ÈÎÞí òùëøô "plaza athénée" ¨Ê¶ø 0.0000001 13 going on 30 1970 1970s 1980 1980 cassettes 1980s 1980s watches 1981 1982 1990 2+2=error 2nd rate 3 $ watch 5 55378008 70s 70s music 80ies wrist watches 80s 80s calculator 80s for the 00s 80s quarz 80s technology 80s watch 80s watches 80s-watch-caluclator 80`s 8bit 90ies ? aaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah!!!!! accurate acient technology add adding machine addingmachine adidas advanced affordable aflac alarm clocks alf allways going amd analog analytical ancient antiquated apple appliances archaic arigato armbanduhr as asian asker saati aubade audio audio equipment, i think audio stuff audio tape average awesome axel f azul baby g babycomputer backwards bad bad at maths bad choice bad design bad electronics manufacturer bad quality bad watches bank bar mitzvah present barilla basic basic time batteries battery battery watch be2 beck beeeep benefit berryland best $20 watch ever beurgh big biharck billig bingbong black black camera black rubber blackberry blah bland bleep blop block blocky blog blue blunt bmw bof boing bold bold and old boners boo boom box boombox boomboxes boop boop beep boring boring electronics boring nokia boulder boxed boxes brand bravulio brega brisbane broke broken brother bucklebear budget watch burger business buzz cabezón caculator caculators calc calc watch calcium silicate calclators calclulator watch calcolator calcualtor calculadora calculate calculated calculater calculating calculation calculatios calculator calculator and old school digital watches calculator and piano calculator for the poorer kids in my schoolclass calculator from 1rst grade calculator japan calculator watch calculator watches calculator# calculator? calculators calculators and nerd watches calculators watches calculatos calculatrice calculette calculettes calculing machines calcultor calculus calsulator caluator caluclator calulator calulator watch calulators camera camera cameras cameras and calculators canera canon cappy watches car car brand carlsberg cars cartier case cases casette casette players casette tapes cash cash register casino casinos casiotone casset cassete deck cassetes cassette cassette players cassette tape cassette tapes cassettes cassettes are dead cassettes outdated cassino cassiopeia cast cat cd cd case cd player cd players cell phone cellphone cereal chaser chasing the game cheap cheap cheap brand cheap but reliable cheap calculator cheap calculators cheap computer cheap crap cheap crappy electonics cheap electronics cheap japan stuf cheap japanese electronics cheap keyboard cheap keyboards cheap plastic watch cheap quality and price cheap sony cheap stuff cheap synthesizer cheap technology cheap watch cheap watches cheap watches/calc watch cheap whatches cheapass cheaper cheapish cheapness cheep cheese cheesy chemistry chepa childhood china chinese shit chinesse chink chino chintzy chips circuit circuit bent citizen city claculator clasic classic classy hos on casios clean clear clock clock radio clocks clocks and watches clouds clueless clunky cluster coca coca cola cock coleman collaboration college come on my chest commodity electronics compac compute computer computer hardware computers computic confusing conservative controle remoto cool cool watches copy correct corse corvette count counting crap crap keyboard crap watch crapio crappy crappy electronics crappy keyboard craptronics cross crunchy dad data rock databank dated dated wrist watches dead decent calculators defunct demo dependable dg-20 dicksucker dictionary digicam digital digital entertainment digital watch digital watches digital wristwatch digitals digitel disappearing disk diskman dismissed dive do they still exist? dog dont konow dorky down-to-earth downmarket drop it and trash it drums dry dull durable early 1990s earlybird economical education efficient eficacia eighties electonic electonics electric electric organs electroclash electronic electronic devices electronic equipment electronic gadget electronic keyboard electronic music electronic products electronic watch electronica electronics electronics electronics cheap eletcronic music eletronic eletronics energ entertainment equipment equiptment esel et everything but the kitchen sink evil exact excat exilim exlim expensive watches extinct f fail false family fancy fast fastfood fastio fedex fight film first digitalized stuff first radio fish five flat flavor fly fm foot ford fotoapperat from the 70¨ fuck fuck you fucking calculators fun fun tech fun! function functional functional style funny funny calculators with many keys fx 880 g shock g-shock gadget gadgets gamble game game-40 garbage gay geek geek chic geek watch geek-chic geeky geeky electronics geld gemmy generic ghetto gone good good cheap watches good choice good quality good value good watches goofy 80s electronica google graphing calculator great cheep watch great watches green gshock gtr guitar guitarr gyroscope gzone ha! hand held hand-held football handheld computers handheld device handy has been havas media hawk headphones headset headsets heart and soul hehehehe help hi-tech watch with reasonable price high school high school maths history ho home electronics honda hot chip hp huh huh? huizenga i dont remember id industrial inexepensive time ing innovation instruments insurance interesting ipod irrelevant iso it was italian jap japa japan japanese japanese geeks japanesse japs john candy john candys watch journal junk junk from china just there kamino kate spade kei igawa kelkoo kermit the frog keyboard ketboard key key board key boards keybard keyboard keyboard player keyboard! keyboards keyboards from the 1980s keyboards, watches keyboqard keybord keys keytar keytuar kids kitchen kodak korea korean kubus lame last century lcd lcd watch legit letter c lifestyles lights little lo-fi lol lonely longlasting lose money lounge love low cost product low end electronics low-end electronics lucas m3 research machanical machines mad mallory man maquilladores marketing mass matchs math math class mathematic mathematics maths me-too! measure mechanical mediocre meh micro microsoft middle quality middle-level electronics midi mini-keyboard misic mismanaged brand modern monsanto montre moog rip-offs more blue more sperm mtv music music maker music player musical musical instruments my first calculator my first keyboard my solar calculator in 8th grade my super magic diary my watch n.e.r.d. naughty nazi penis nbc ne fürgyé le!!! nerd nerd watch nerd wrist watches nerdio nerds nerdy nestle nice nice compact cams nice kit nice technology nice watches nike nineties niraj nnp.sk no no association no idea noise nokia nostalgia nostalgic not not so great not sure notebook nothign nothing nothng nude number numbers obsolete oh ok old old fashioned old but recognisable old calculator old calculators old digital watch old electronica old electronics old fashioned old fashionned old fashoned old gshock old japanese cheap old music old new world old piano old school old school boombox old school radio old school stuff old skool old tech old technic old technology old time electric old watch old watches old watches from far east old-fashioned old-school old-timey oldfashion watch oldschool oldschool watch oldskool oldtimer opel organ organisation organization organizer organs out of date out-of-date outdated outdated but reliable outdated calculators over passe past pda pedia pee pencil pepsico perro phone phones photo piano pianos pictures plain planes, trains, and automobiles planets plastic player players plump pocket pocket calculator pocket calculators pocket mini portable portable music practical precise precision precisious printer procter profesional punx quality quartz quonsar rac radio radios real old record record player recorder recorders red relógio reliable remote control watch results retro retro cool retro keyboards revenge of the nerds revival rinkydink royal rubber watch samsung sat savannah law school savvy saxophon scheiße school school calculators schule science second tier security sega seventies shakespeare sheap electronics shiny shit shitty shitty watches shittywatches shocking shore si simple singles sk sk-1 sk1 skandia slick slow smack small electronics smart so so software solid sony sound sound equiptment speaker speakers square stable stale stamp standard star starbucks stars stereo stereos sterios stero steve stiff still still around? still exist? still exists? still in business? stodgy stopwatch straight straightforward strict strong stuck in the 80s student stuff stupid sturdy style sub-par sucks sums swach swatch sweet synth synth pop synthesizer synthpop synths synthsizer system tandy tape tape cassettes tape deck tape decks tape player tape players tape recorder tape recorders tapedeck tapes taschenrechner tec tecci tech tech support techie technic technical technologic technology technoogy teclado tecnic tecnoligy tecnology television televisons terrible terrible keyboards terrorism test texas instruments the 80s the eighties though ti-89 tic-tac time time saver timekeeping timely timepiece timex timezone tinny tiny to the point tone toy toyota tracfone traditional trains, planes, and automobiles trape trash trendy tunes tv twitter udon noodles ugh ugly ugly digital watches uhr underrated unilever unknown unnecessary unreliable unsure unused used to make electronic games useful vaio valu valuable value varikina vcr vcrs verizon versatile very nice clocks back in the 70s very old vhs video viejo vieux village people vintage vl tone vl-tone 4 evah volvo vw wach wack wak walk man walkman watch watch and calculator watch consumer cheap trendy fun watch from japan watch hand watch keyboard watch keyboards watch maker watchers watches watches watches & calculators watches and keyboards for geeks watches, cheap retail watches, right? watches/ calculators watchh waterproof watch wathc wathces from the 80ies wathes we were relevant 20 years ago well wendell wgsn what what sony should be what? when i was younger who? windows wired wirstwatch word worthless worthless watches wow wrist watch wrist watches wristcalculator wristwatch wtaches wtf www.berria.eus yahoo yamaha yawn yesterday zegarek バーバル 電ì